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‘‘Muslims! The doomsday won't come until the Turks are all killed.''

(Muslim, e's-Sahih, Kitabu'l-Fiten/62-65, hadith #:2912; Abu Dawod, Sünen, Kitabu'l-Melahim/9 Babun fi Kıtali't Türk, hadith #: 4303; Nesei, Sünen, Kitabu'l-Cihad/ Babu Gazveti't-Turk)

Almost everybody knows that the god of the Old Testament is very racist. Some researchers defend that this characteristic of god is very useful for Judaism. But this is also a reality: The role of god ( Yahweh) , being portrayed as a savage and racist one in Old Testament , cannot be discounted for anti-humanistic and merciless behavior of today’s Jewish people in Israel. *

The racism of the Quran's god

Everybody acknowledges the racism of the Old Testament’s god, but most of the people don't know about the racism of the Quran's. And even some well-intentioned intellectual people think that Quran and its god are universal. However the Quran's god is a copy of the Old Testament’s. This can be derived even from the description of Jewish people by Quran's god.

According to the Quran the most superior community is the Jewish community.

Some people can be surprised. But it's true. Here are the verses: the Quran's god , like the Old Testament's god , addresses at two places ( in Quran) :

'' O Children of Israel! Remember My favour wherewith I favoured you and how I preferred you to (all) creatures. ''(Surah Al-Baqara (The Cow) , verses: 47, 122, from M. Pickthal’s translation of Quran)

On one hand Anti-Semitism, on the other hand the calling of the Quran's god to the Jewish people like this. This is a paradox. But let's skip this point , too.

No other community except Arabs are concerned

Various things are told in Quran. Today, the sources are known. But those are presented as being received from god. In between god and people, or rather, according to their times , in between a community or a section of a community and god, there is this “delegate”. He is presented as “god’s delegate” . He is called “prophet”.
As it's told in the Quran: God makes this explanation:

'' And We did not send any messenger but with the language of his people, so that he might explain to them clearly…’’ (Surah İbrahim ( Abraham) , verse: 4, from M. H. Shakir’s translation of Quran)

Therefore, *according to the Quran: the god’s delegate has a community. “The delegate” mediates between god and the community which his race belongs to . He is responsible to deliver messages to this ''community'' '' in their own language''. This is what is told in the Quran. Again, according to this, *Muhammad had the same responsibility, too. He has a community, too and he is the mediator between his god and this community.

From the "KITALUT-TURK" ("WAR WITH TURKS") hadiths: In the end Turks will be slaughtered... (Abu Dawod, Kitabu'l-Cihad/9, hadith #:4305.) *

Throughout *the Quran, Muhammad's tribe , in other words, *his community ,and Muhammad’s obligation to deliver god's revelations to this community , and him having done exactly so are mentioned . So the collocutors are these people. According to his own words the Quran is in Arabic, and the people to whom the Quran addresses are Arabs. But not all of the Arabs, just a small section of them.

Intimidation is only for Mecca and its neighbourhood

Verses are very clear. According to Surah: Al-Anaam (Cattle, Livestock), verse: 92 and Surah: Ash-Shura (Council, Consultation), verse: 7 : the warnings and the intimidations are , without doubt , for Mecca and its neighborhood. Yes, the Quran addresses only Mecca and its neighborhood. None of the other communities, who today call themselves Muslims, are included. *The case is very clear. There are also other verses which mention that *Muhammad is the prophet to every human and Quran is given to all the people in the world. This contradiction is only one out of the many that exist in Quran. But, it is a fact that the community ,to whom the explanations are given, is the Arab community, and this community consists of only the people of Mecca and its vicinity ( not to mention that only the ones who lived during those days). Some people from other communities , and by the way , some among Turks became Muslim. Actually, they counted themselves as Muslims, but the important thing is which people are counted as Muslims in the Quran.

There are the hadiths specifically about Turks. These hadiths, which don’t say good things about *Turks, are extensively examined by the honorable and courageous scientist *Prof. Dr. İlhan Arsel in his book '' The Arab Nationalism and Turks” ( İstanbul, 1987, İnkılap Kitabevi, p. 18 and other pages)

Muhammad's hostility against Turks

Muhammad not only refused to regard Turks as Muslims ,but also, declared that  they are the “enemies”. This is also mentioned in the collection of most trusted and accepted hadiths in the Islamic world. And as a separate chapter. The name of the chapter is strikingly interesting: ''Kitalu't-Turk'' which means ''The Fight (War) with Turks''. In the books of al-Bukhari, Abu Dawod ( or Abu Da'ud ) and al-Tirmidhi ( or Tirmizi) the chapter has this same title. In the book of Ibn Maja the chapter is called '' Babu't-Turk'' which means ''Chapter about Turks ''. In the book of Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj, it can be found in the chapter '' The Signs of the Doomsday''.

While Muhammad was informing people about the future as a proof of his prophecy, he explained how to fight the Turks and how the Muslims are going to kill the Turks as a sign for the doomsday. He not only called them Turks , but also described them by explaining how *their faces, eyes, noses, skins and colors are like. As we can see he was informed somehow. According to Muhammad’s explanation, *the fight against Turks will last till the doomsday. As a sign for the doomsday Muslims will massacre and wipe out *all of the Turks in the world. Or else, the doomsday won't come. Here is a section from these hadiths:

-Muslims! The doomsday won't come until the war with is fought Turks. Their faces are like shields, their skins are thick.....they wear bristle shoes. ( Muslim, e's-Sahih, Kitabu'l-Fiten/62-65, hadith #:2912; Abu Dawod, Sünen, Kitabu'l-Melahim/9 Babun fi Kıtali't Türk, hadith #: 4303; Nesei, Sünen, Kitabu'l-Cihad/ Babu Gazveti't-Türk...)

-If you (Muslims) don't fight with these little eyed, pug nosed, shield faced, thick skinned people , the doomsday won't come.(Bukhari, e's-Sahih, Kitabu'l-Cihad/96; Muslim, e's-Sahih, kitabu'l-Fiten/62 hadith #: 2912; Abu Dawod, Sünen, hadith #: 4304; Tirmizi, hadith #: 2251; İbn Maja, hadith #: 4096-4099)

From the "KITALUT-TURK" ("WAR WITH TURKS") hadiths : “War with Turks will certainly occur.”… (Bukhari, e's-Sahih, Kitabu'l-Cihad/96)

“This is a sign for the doomsday, too: You will fight the people who wear shoes which are
made of bristle and kill them. The fight against the people with wide shield faces is a sign for the doomsday. The doomsday won't come until you kill the little eyed, red faced, pug nosed, shield faced, thick skinned Turks.."( Bukhari, e's-Sahih, kitabu'l-Cihad/95; Muslim, e's-Sahih, Kitabu'l-Fiten/66, hadith #: 2912; İbn Maja, hadith #: 4097-4098).

“You (Muslims) and the little eyed people, Turks are going to fight. You are going to run after them 3 times. Finally you are going to meet them in the Arabic peninsula. At first, *whoever can run away will survive. In the second time, *some will escape and some will be killed. In the third time, all of them will be destroyed.(Abu Dawod, sünen, hadith #: 4305.)

These are the thoughts and attitude of Muhammad toward the Turks who call him “our holy prophet, our master” *nowadays.

People must be regarded humanistically , no matter which race they belong to, what skin color they have, or which religion they believe in , or even if they don't believe in anything. But religions , religious people and racists don't regard them in that manner. Jews, Christians and Muslims are enemies against each other. This mentality cannot be totally dismissed as being one of the causes of so many sad events and savagery that are happening all around the world, nowadays . Mankind should purify itself from all those madness. Otherwise, savagery , sorrow and tears will last forever.

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